Our science curriculum helps to develop a child’s sense of their world and the connection of all living things.Through Biology studies of Zoology and Botany, students begin to see those relationships.

Some examples of concepts learned are External  Parts and Internal Functions of the Five Classes of Vertebrates, Parts of Flowering Plants, Pine Trees, Mosses, and Ferns. A study of invertebrates is also taught. These concepts are then applied to specific animals and  plants and identification techniques. Children learn how to categorize living things and the usefulness, location in our world. Many experiments concerning the functions of these living things are also conducted in order for the students to have a better grasp on the concepts. Field trips,, hands-on Montessori materials, experiments and the outdoor classroom are among the vital ways that students learn in this subject.

Besides Biology, students also study the Parts of the Earth, Works of the Sun, Water, and Wind.  Each area is detailed with further study; for example, Parts of the Earth gets into the study of the crust which discusses plate tectonics and types of mountains including volcanoes.  The crust is also the  starting point for a rock study.  Chemical elements and states of matter are also discussed.

As a part of our science curriculum, our students also participate in the annual NC Science Olympiad. The Science Olympiad is a series of challenging events which align with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study as well as the National Science Education Standards. The events are designed to enhance and strengthen both science content and process skills. These tournaments are interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of different hands-on, interactive, challenging and inquiry-based events that are balanced between the various disciplines of biology, earth science, environmental science, chemistry, physics, engineering and technology.

One thing that is unique to our school, is that we allow all of our students (k-6) to participate in this competition that is usually only for older students. We believe that the process is very educational and beneficial for all students. This supersedes the importance of winning. The students love gaining individual knowledge and working with their team.

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