The Yadkin Valley Community School’s curriculum is on a cycle which rotates through life science, physical science and earth science. In middle school, chemistry is incorporated as well. Students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them through hands-on demonstrations, experiments and research projects. 

In a Montessori classroom, everything is linked through Cosmic Education. For example, while learning about the geography of Africa, the K-2nd class built rainforest biomes. While learning about medieval history, the 6-8th grade class learned about simple machines and made catapults. 

Find out more about our first year competing in the NC Science Olympiad. 


Kids are natural scientists. They are curious and observant.

Middle school zoology included the dissection of eight animals -from earthworms to mammals.

Using the iterative process, students’ Rube Goldberg Machine won 1st place in the NC Science Olympiad.

Aviation as part of the technology elective in middle school.

During our human body study, our students had the unique opportunity to track a baby’s growth and development.

When learning about the external parts of animals, hands-on is the way to go!

Through many opportunity to experiment, kids learn the scientific method early…and have so much fun!

Kids learn by doing things with their hands. So, beautiful handmade materials are used to teach all aspects of science.