The Arts

Art is an integral and integrated part of our curriculum. Participation in the arts improves academic achievement (especially in math and language arts) and improves abstract thinking skills. At our school, you will find that art is not a stand alone class, but is most often a part of our cultural studies, enhancing the math, science, history and especially geography curricula. 

An important component of a well-rounded arts curriculum is exposure! We are proud to partner with a wonderful local resource, the Foothills Arts Center. We also have visiting artists who come into our school to share their visual and performing arts expertise. Field trips to fine art galleries, museums and theaters are another way that we expose our students to a wide variety of genres, mediums and styles.

Studying bees and the efficiency of hexagons resulted in this beautiful image.

While studying South America, we drew Nazca Lines.

We incorporated drumming while learning about Africa.

Our Nutcracker unit was completed by learning the Chinese Tea Dance.

Students of all ages love visiting galleries and museums around the state.