The Arts


The visual and performing arts are an important part of a child’s education. Participation in the arts improves academic achievement (especially in math and language arts) and improves abstract thinking skills.

We are very proud to partner with a wonderful local resource, the Foothills Arts Council. Our students regularly visit the Foothills Arts Council to view and discuss exhibits. We also have visiting artists that come into our school to share their expertise. During art lessons, students learn about different artists and explore a variety of mediums and styles. We also make a point to integrate the lessons that the students are learning in science, math, and history into their art projects.

Check out this presentation to learn more about the effect of art on healthy child development.



We are fortunate that our teachers are very musical and enjoy bringing music into the classroom. Sometimes the teachers sing silly little songs to help the students learn concepts in math, science or language. Sometimes the students write their own songs.

In addition to music, we also incorporate drama into the curriculum. Each year, the students put on a winter production, which includes a few short plays and skits. This is a favorite of the students and their parents! Drama teaches children about project/time management, public speaking, critical thinking and making creative choices.

Find out more about our recent dramatic project.



One of the many benefits of having a school located in downtown Elkin is that we have two dance and gymnastics studios within walking distance that generously donate their time to teach our students. The students are able to enjoy this type of movement as an occasional alternative to traditional P.E. This is just another way that the school works to provide its students with as many experiences as possible.

Thank you Rhythm on Main and Pamela Myers Wurdeman’s Academy of Dance Arts for teaching our students!