Get Involved

Community involvement is at the heart of this school (it’s even in the name). There is a symbiotic relationship between the school and the community.

We know that the community (parents, local businesses, organizations and volunteers) are greatly beneficial to the school. All of downtown is essentially part of the school. The kids frequently walk to the Elkin Public Library and the Foothills Arts Council. We also partner with community businesses to bring in new experiences for the children, such as yoga, dance and photography. The natural resources that are in our own backyard, such as the river and the trails, become an extension of our science class. All of these things provide enriching experiences for the children that they will remember.

But how can we, as a school, contribute? We know that it’s important for the school to benefit local businesses and organizations too. By locating our school downtown, we expose the downtown businesses to additional daily traffic. We also want to increase exposure to the thoughtful programs these local organizations provide. The school teaches our students to be good citizens of the community and to embrace all that our beautiful town has to offer.

“Downtowns often serve as the center of education and life-long learning for the community.  From community college and university satellite operations, to downtown public and private schools, to the infusion of education and learning opportunities into downtown independently owned restaurants, retailers, service and professional businesses, downtowns are becoming the place for the community to come together and learn from one another.  We know that the longer we can keep customers in downtown, the greater economic impact that we will see on downtown.  A one-stop destination in downtown may result in money spent at one location, but if we can expand the trip to downtown to be a 3-4 hour trip, or longer, then the economic impact may likely include money spent at a downtown restaurant, with a downtown retailer and with downtown service and professional businesses.   One of the best ways to expand that trip is by establishing educational uses that will keep downtown customers regularly coming back.”
Elizabeth (Liz) H. Parham, CMSM, Director
N.C. Main Street Center and the Office of Urban Development
North Carolina Department of Commerce

“Having a school in your downtown business district is a unique addition to the regular mix of offices, retail and restaurants. Seeing and hearing the kids walking to the library or heading out for P.E. class, creates a special vibe in downtown that is definitely missed during the summer months. It also gets the kids and their families involved and exposed to everything that is happening downtown.”
Marin Tomlin, Executive Director
Downtown Statesville Development Corporation

How can you get involved?