Wild about Wound Care!

At the Yadkin Valley Community school, we take many field trips throughout the year. This week our student visited Prism as an extension of their study of the human body. I cannot say enough great things about the Prism staff! They were gracious, entertaining and knowledgeable.

On this field trip, the students learned all about wound care through hands-on demonstrations and activities, giving them a chance to see a real world application for information they have learned about the circulatory system, skin, infections and cells.

In addition to a biology lesson, the student also got a really cool chemistry lesson while observing the absorbency of some of the wound care products.

The students, in teams, had to dress wounds using their knowledge of specific properties of the products. They chose appropriate bandages based on the size and type of the woulds. Using great teamwork and communication skills, the kids did a fantastic job!

You know what’s fun? Wrapping your friends in gauze! Whichever team wraps their “patient” the fastest wins.

As an extension of their digestive and excretory system study, the students learned about the ways that medical products can help those who have malfunctions in those systems.

Finally, each student chose one product to examine and present to the class and Prism employees. That was such a great opportunity to hone their observations skills as they had to figure out how and where each product should be used. Another important skill that our kids were able to practice was public speaking. As we prepare our students for their futures, we give them many opportunities to speak with adults in the community.

Thanks, Prism, for being such an awesome community partner!