Kim’s Class

What you can expect:
Attendance will be taken daily. To be considered present, a child must participate in the Zoom lesson. Each day, students will spend 30 minutes in a small group Zoom lesson, watch YouTube video lessons and complete assignments in their workbooks. This will total approximately 2 hours but can be spread throughout the day.

Students will continue to work in their handwriting, numeration and math workbooks. Each child should complete one page in each workbook per day.

Students will have daily lessons via Zoom in groups of 3. These lessons will take place between 9:00 and 11:30 and will last 30 minutes each. Teachers will email the specific time slot for your child’s group lesson. Each day’s lesson will focus on a different curriculum area (phonics/reading, math, science and geography).

Each week, we will provide lessons via YouTube. These lessons will be a mix of videos produced by our teachers (lessons from the garden, puppet time, etc.) and other videos that tie into our curriculum (a tour of a market in Morocco or animals of the African savanna). The links to these videos will be posted below and can be accessed at any time.

TUESDAY : The Five Geographic Regions of Africa Click here for answers.
Optional: Color the cover page. How many animals can you identify? Click here for answers.

Calendar Video

WEDNESDAY: Wild Dog Facts – watch video and practice handwriting. Also, we will discuss math, collective nouns and African regions.
Optional: Watch this video about Wild Dogs.

African cloth and clothing. We will look at fabric from West Africa and design your own clothing inspired by the fabric. Watch this video from a West African market.
Optional: watch this video about making fabric designs.

THURSDAY: Prepositions
Optional: watch video about a giraffe eating an acacia tree and draw/paint your own acacia tree.

Pinecone experiment

FRIDAY: African Animal Words Video

Storytime video: African Folktale

MONDAY: Counting by 10’s

Observation and comparison video

TUESDAY: Tally Marks

Geometry Art Project

WEDNESDAY: Parts of a lion booklet lesson

Months of the year cards

THURSDAY: Animal Adjectives booklet

DAY 10: Each child has been assigned an animal. Color the animal. Then watch the video for the assigned animal below. Each student will complete the research and present it to the class.


Black Mamba:





We have assigned fiction and nonfiction ReadWorks passages that are on the student’s reading level and pertain to topics we are studying in class. Students may read (or listen to) the passages and then answer comprehension and vocabulary questions. Reviewing the student’s answers will help us assess their comprehension knowledge and fill in any gaps during lessons.



  • Memorize a short poem and share it with the class.
  • Research a plant and present your research to the class. This can take the form of a poster, drawings, clay sculpture or anything else. Be creative.
  • Bring in a plant specimen to share with the class.
  • Read a book and do a book report. The report can take any form (a song, picture, poster, shoe box diorama, etc.).
  • Research an African animal.
  • Complete ReadWorks passages.
  • Do a science experiment and share your findings with the class.