Talent Scholarship

Our Special Talent Scholarship program is part of Yadkin Valley Community School’s ongoing commitment to help students identify strengths and talents and to nurture and encourage the development of those gifts. Recipients receive an award of $500 in their initial year. Although students may be identified as “academically gifted”, we believe in cultivating a variety of interests, including, but not limited to, dance, art, building and engineering, outdoor skills, science, creative writing, leadership, and helping others.

Scholarships are awarded based on skills and personal passion, as determined through the interview and recommendation process described below. Financial need is not a selection factor.

Only new students may apply or be nominated. Returning students are not eligible.

Click here if you are a coach, teacher, mentor or scout leader who wishes to nominate a child.
Click here if you are a parent or guardian who wishes to apply on your child’s behalf.
Deadline for applications and nominations is June 21, 2017.